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I’m a Principal UX Researcher with over 25 years experience in the software industry and 15 years in the field focusing on HCI. I’ve been lucky enough to work at the top companies in the business including: Intel, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. I have worked with both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. I have recently completed the Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University – Coursera.

LinkedIn Profile

Click for a current copy of my resume in PDF format.

My job duties have included:

  • Manage a team of interdisciplinary researchers, a yearly budget, and a half-million dollar usability lab.
  • Develop visualizations for big data analysis in HTML, XML, Javascript, R, jQUERY, and JSON.
  • Conduct user research using quantitative and qualitative methods including: lab studies, semi-structured interviews, focus groups, surveys, and automatically generated data.
  • Create and maintain a web-based research dashboard to publish research statistics, results, and plans about research conducted in DLS.
  • Develop paper, PowerPoint, and HTML+Javascript+CSS prototypes and wireframes to be used in testing.
  • Prepare models (personas, scenarios, task workflows) of interaction to make recommendations for the design and implementation of emerging information technologies.
  • Deliver detailed reports with screenshots, video, and software enhancement recommendations and qualitative and statistical data analysis.

Examples of Qualitative & Quantitative Results

Example code of a community help forum post + sentiment analysis for a product, written in R & javascript.
Community forum analysis

Images of the DLS research dashboard with research metrics and community analysis widgets.

Research Dashboard
UX Dashboard

Research Project Results Cards
UX Results Cards

A sample report from a usability study on sharing with Google Docs can be found below.  This report is an example of a medium sized lab-based study where participants completed structured tasks.
Google Docs Sharing Report

My next sample is a mobile UI development guideline for a team developing native search apps on a variety of mobile platforms.
Touch Primer