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All living things carry electromagnetic energy that moves throughout their bodies. When you ingest herbs, exercise, or meditate you can modulate how that energy moves. The process of balancing the movement of energy is part of homeostasis which is keeping your body systems in balance. A body in homeostasis or balance has a stronger immune system to fight off viruses and bacteria and is in better shape to heal quickly. A personal energetics profile can suggest which are the best herbs to bring your body into balance.

In herbs, we talk about these energetics as being along two spectrums: 1) warming and cooling and 2) drying and damp. For example, when you ingest an herb they can affect your body by warming and/or dampening your system. These energetic qualities are the same with people. Understanding your own personal energetics can help you bring your body into balance with herbs. To learn more about personal energetics check out Rosalee de la FlorĂȘt’s book Alchemy of Herbs.

An herbalist will typically ask you questions about your feelings and habits to help determine your personal energetics to learn where you fall onto the warm-cold and dry-damp spectrum. Energetics are not static and a person’s energetics can change over time, for example a woman going through menopause may find that she runs “warmer” during hot flashes.

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