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Man playing with puppy

Play is more than just fun for kids

Physical activity and movement encompasses more types of activity than just exercise. Play can be fun and relaxing too! If you change the words you use, you can change your experience and perception of the activity. Why dread a demanding workout when you can get the same benefits from a little plan?

Western society values hard work, power, money, and success. Play is considered a distraction from these goals. However, play is all about attitude! Play and laughter is good for the spirit. Playing, having fun, laughing during social contact brings people closer together.

Did you know about Play?

Children’s games can burn up to 222 calories in 30 minutes 1.

Types of Play Activities

Activity Examples
body play / movement Jump into a pile of leaves, dance, sing
object play snow ball fight, toys, sports
social play charades, two truths & lies, sports
imaginative play solo play, writing stories, role playing games, exploring
story telling campside story telling, Godly play
creative play hobbies, building, working with your hands


Laughter is a social glue that draws people together 2. We are 30 times more likely to laugh in a social situation than when we are alone 3. Play encourages laughter and can help spark creativity and strengthen social bonds.


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