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You may have heard the saying “you are what you eat.” Well research has proven that not only does what we eat matter, it can play a primarily role in preventing and healing from chronic disease. Our daily nutrition is critical to help us to maintain a strong immune systems, proper energy levels, peak metabolism, and adequate hormonal levels. With the rise in intake of processed and fast foods, the majority of Americans finds themselves malnourished. If the quality of food you eat is very low, that means you may be consuming excess calories, with very little to no nutrient value in your meals which can lead to obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and many more chronic conditions. To begin to focus on proper nutrition, we need to understand the role a variety of nutrients play in the body and how excess intake or not enough intake can affect our system. Below are categories that will help you to further understand important aspects of nutrition, and start on your journey to eating your way to better health.